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HARTA retreat


If you or anyone in your household (even if they are not travelling with you e.g. children, relatives) are showing signs of Coronavirus, you must not travel to stay at HARTA retreat. You must remain at home and self-isolate according to current government guidelines.


If you choose to travel you are certifying that you and your travel companion are fit and well and are not showing any signs of Coronavirus.


We would like to meet our guests in person to show them to the accommodation and answer any questions. However, if you prefer you are more than welcome to self-check in. Simply let us know ahead of your stay. 


If during your stay you develop any Coronavirus symptoms, you must immediately notify HARTA retreat management and return to your home address to self-isolate. No refunds will be due in these circumstances.


If you are not well enough to drive home, you must notify HARTA retreat management and contact a health professional immediately for advice. Please note that if you are unable to safely return home and need to extend your stay, you will be liable to cover the cost  for the duration.


It is strongly recommended that you are protected by holiday / travel insurance to cover the above circumstances.

Last updated September 2021

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