how it began

In pursuit of a lifestyle closer to nature

Hello, we are Aaron and Miranda, the hosts behind HARTA retreat and the older half of a family of four.


We originally come from London and Rotterdam (you'll have to guess which is which !) but have moved around a lot over the years. In 2020 we moved to Devon in pursuit of a different lifestyle – one that would take us away from the hectic hustle and bustle of corporate life and bring us closer to nature. 

In our days of globetrotting the world for both business and pleasure, we have had the privilege of experiencing many different cultures, staying in various styles of accommodation and savouring food from different cuisines. Our experience of all of these has been mind-blowing – for the most positively, but on occasion hard to digest (literally! - eating scorpions and silk worms is not everyone's cup of tea). 

During our travels we have witnessed amazing nature, and the peace and tranquility it brings is second to none. We have been invited in to both extravagant and very poor homes, where we have sat around the table sharing food and listening to stories told by residents and family. The kind and welcoming nature of people and community has been uplifting and heart-warming and it is these experiences, amongst others, that provided the inspiration for HARTA retreat.

Beginning mid 2020, our vision was, and still is to create a luxurious, remote and small 'community like' experience where you can either rest and be one with nature and / or join a festival like atmosphere with bonfires, BBQ's and music. Now in 2022 we are able to offer the first of our unique holiday units - the interlinked luxury glamping tipis. 

Having always had a keen interest in design and architecture Aaron is very much the master mind behind the retreat and usually spends his days working on the next feature, a new chill out space or some other improvement. 

As for me, my passion for collecting unusual and individual artefacts from across the globe led me to set up an on-line home decor and life-style store HARTA living several years ago. So naturally you can find me "dressing" the interiors. I also manage the website and the marketing for HARTA retreat.

We would love to share our project with you, to learn from you and continue our journey together!

We look forward to welcoming you to HARTA retreat.

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